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About us

Foodie was established with the mission to connect people through food and reduce hunger within communities. Foodie provides a platform which allows people within communities to share food. Being able to provide food that appeals to people within communities can result in additional income, a new hobby or fulfilling a passion.

Meanwhile, others have alternative food options available to them in their nearby communities. With Foodie, it is possible to eat homemade authentic food options that may not be available in traditional food outlets. Expanding food options outside of traditional options can also increase the access to healthy food. This allows people to source healthy food within their communities.

Foodie pledges to donate 2.5% of revenues to reduce hunger within communities where those revenues are generated. The Foodie Pledge is consistent with one of our company values to “give back” and our mission to “reduce hunger”.

By reducing the footprint of food sourcing, increasing food efficiency by reducing food waste, increasing healthy food options and giving back to the community; we believe that Foodie’s mission can be met.

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Are you interested in being a food provider?

Foodie allows users to list any food on the marketplace. If you find yourself unable to give away the fruits of your garden, you bake the best cake and want to make it available to your community for special events or you want to share your authentic home cooking with people who don’t have the time or expertise to cook. Foodie can be the perfect platform to find people near you, so you can “share the love”.

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